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Women and Writing

We can see that many genres are male dominated. Why is this? Is it because of the history of oppression women have faced, setting them further back? Or is it something to do with the publishing industry? It seems very likely. So we have decided to change that. How?


When creating a publishing company all of the information you will come across can be very overwhelming, let alone gathering the information you need for publishing sustainably.  I love being honest, and so I want this blog to be transparent and true.  I have struggled greatly to find just the right, outsourced printing press, andContinue reading “Journey”

Indie, Sustainable Publishing

Publishing can be very confusing, with a lot of information to absorb; knowing how to publish sustainably can be even more to juggle! We’re here to help! What is an indie publisher?  Typically an indie publisher is someone who is publishing their book independent from a larger corporation, or someone independently running a publishing company,Continue reading “Indie, Sustainable Publishing”

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