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We have the Desire to Inspire Positive Change, Through the Timeless Medium of Stories.

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Renewed Efforts: Environmental Choices

We will be the first sustainable publishing company in Ontario, Canada. It is always important to know Why you are doing this, why it is meaningful. I am doing this for the environment, for the earth, for sustainability. For all of us.

Logo Reveal

Are you new to Orion Inspire Publishing, an indie company dedicated to sustainability? Have you been a dedicated follower since our humble beginnings? Are you very curious to see our new logo design? I’m thrilled to show it to you! as an indie publisher, I’ve been working long and hard on this company, trying notContinue reading “Logo Reveal”

Reading Reading and Reading

Reading is such a delicious thing, but what makes reading so intoxicating? I am currently reading a book by Neil Gaiman, one of my favourite writers, and it is called The Ocean at the End of the Lane. I find this story incredibly interesting. It strikes so much emphasis and contrast on childhood, adulthood andContinue reading “Reading Reading and Reading”

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